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Ilmaisia verkkokursseja

Kiinnostaako verkko-opiskelu? Ilmaiseksi! Olen koonnut tähän artikkeliin kiinnostavia ilmaisia ääni-ja videoluentoja sekä kokonaisia verkkokursseja (englanniksi) yliopistojen tarjonnasta (Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford…). Poimin mukaan kaikki jotka kiinnostivat itseäni, joten aiheet liikkuvat paljolti valokuvaus, elokuva, visuaalinen suunnittelu, taide ja kirjoittaminen linjoilla. Pääset linkkien kautta joka tapauksessa opinahjojen sivuille ja voit itse etsiä lisää kursseja itseäsi kiinnostavista aiheista. Mukavia opiskeluhetkiä!

Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Art – iTunes Audio / Video – James Grant, Oxford University

”Lecture series on Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art. The first part of the series focuses on some of the most important writings on art and beauty in the Western philosophical tradition, covering Plato, Aristotle, David Hume, and Immanuel Kant. The second part of the series focuses on questions about understanding works of art and about the nature of art. This part examines the interpretation of literature, the expression of emotion in music, and the definition of art.”

Art Through Time: A Global View – Video – Annenberg Media

”Examines themes connecting works of art created around the world in different eras. The 13 parts series explores diverse cultural perspectives on shared human experiences.”

Digital Photography – Video -Dan Armendariz -Harvard

12 moduulia, joiden suorittamiseen menee noin 10-15 tuntia. (Exposure settings, histograms, light, how sensors & lenses work, and how to post-process photos.) Lisämatskua kurssin websivulla.

Introduction to Digital Photography – Video – Marc Levoy, Stanford/Google

Perinpohjainen peredytyskurssi digikuvaamiseen: ”From the parts of a digital camera to the formula for depth of field, the principles of high dynamic range, and the history and art of photographic composition.” Kurssimatskut opettajan websivuilla: Levoyn kotisivut.

Introduction to Visual Design – Verkkokurssi – Carnegie Mellon

”Students learn to analyze and produce effective printed documents, such as technical reports, proposals, and software documentation. To guide their learning, students are introduced to the basics of visual communication design and typography through a series of audio-visual explanations that describe and illustrate key concepts and vocabulary, self-assessments that verify the understanding, and hands-on exercises with individualized feedback that provide opportunities to try out what they learned.”

Introduction to Visual Studies – iTunes – Anna Divinsky, Penn State

”Art 10 is an introductory art appreciation course created for individuals without any artistic background. This course introduces you to various art movements, cultural influences, artistic genres, artists, and their artwork. The main emphasis of the course is to teach you hands-on studio arts techniques as you conduct personal research and explore your own creativity.”

Introduction to Visual Thinking – Video – John McNamara, UC Berkeley

Italian Renaissance – Video – Dr. Vida Hull, East Tennessee State University

43 luentoa, joilla Vida Hull tarjoaa Italian renesanssin esittelykierroksen ja käy läpi taiteilijoita kuten Masaccio ja Botticelli, Titian, da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo.


Italic Calligraphy & Handwriting – Video – Lloyd Reynolds, Reed College

”In 1968, Lloyd Reynolds was selected in the Men Who Teach series to make 20 half-hour TV programs on italic calligraphy and handwriting for the Oregon Education Television Service. He redid the series in color eight years later. Footage courtesy Oregon Public Broadcasting. Additional information on Reynolds and the calligraphy heritage at Reed College may be found at”


Let This Be a Lesson: Heroes, Heroines & Narrative in Paintings at Yale – Video – John Walsh, Yale

”The Yale University Art Gallery presents Let This Be a Lesson: Heroes, Heroines, and Narrative in Paintings at Yale, a semester-long lecture series with John Walsh. The public course will take a close look at eleven important paintings from Yale’s art museums that represent scenes from history, myth, scripture, or literature.”

Lighting Essentials – iTunes – Simon McIntyre, The University of New South Wales

”The fundamental knowledge presented herein is designed to assist you in taking your first steps towards building your competence and confidence lighting scenes for a wide range of creative contexts. This course explores primary concepts involved with lighting for video, photography and other applications, using continuous light sources such as tungsten, fluorescent and natural sun light. It is not an encyclopedic volume encompassing all lighting techniques or knowledge, but is intended as a way to help you get started with lighting for the very first time.”

SmARThistory Video Lectures – Video/Audio – Beth Harris, MoMA & Steven Zucker, Pratt Institute


The Elements of Drawing – Video – Stephen Farthing, Oxford University

”Stephen Farthing R.A. presents eight practical drawing classes using John Ruskin’s teaching collections to explain the basic principles of drawing. This series accompanies ’The Elements of Drawing’, a searchable and browsable online version of the teaching collection and catalogues assembled by John Ruskin for his Oxford drawing schools. For further information please visit

design thinking

Crash Course in Design Thinking – Video – Stanford

”In 90 minutes you will be taken through a full design cycle by participating in The Gift-Giving Project. This is a fast-paced project where participants pair up to interview each other, identify real needs, and develop a solution to “redesign the gift-giving experience” for their partner. NO PREVIOUS DESIGN EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.”

Game Design – Audio – Jason Begy, Philip Tan, MIT

”This course is built around practical instruction in the design and analysis of non-­digital games. It provides students the texts, tools, references, and historical context to analyze and compare game designs across a variety of genres. In teams, students design, develop, and thoroughly test their original games to better understand the interaction and evolution of game rules. Covers various genres and types of games, including sports, game shows, games of chance, card games, schoolyard games, board games, and role-­playing games.”


The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture – Video – Smithsonian

”As you learn about how cultural myths, world events, and personal experiences shaped the first superheroes, you will apply these frameworks to create your own superhero– or you can choose to do a deeper analysis on existing comic book heroes.” Esittelyvideo

Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry – Video – Anne Whiston Spirn, MIT

”This course explores photography as a disciplined way of seeing, of investigating landscapes and expressing ideas. Readings, observations, and photographs form the basis of discussions on landscape, light, significant detail, place, poetics, narrative, and how photography can inform design and planning, among other issues.”


Blender 3D Design- iTunes iOS kurssi – Kurssi-info – Neal Hirsig, Tufts

”The 3D Design Blender course is intended to offer students an introduction to the world of computer generated 3-D modeling. As an introductory course, it provides a basic understanding of the skills and techniques employed by 3-D designers in a wide range of applications.

In this online course we will explore basic mesh modeling, applying textures and materials to 3-D objects, lighting, animation and rendering. This course should provide a good basis for further independent study in architectural, engineering, game, theatrical and character modeling.”

Creative Activism – Audio – Peter Woodbridge, Coventry University

”The class explores the potentials of creative media activism through media interventions and participation in cultural, political and social debates. Looking at how media activists and campaigners have used their media knowledge, connections and skills to ask difficult questions, provoke debate and raise awareness of important issues and problems in their local, national and international communities.

This class is aimed at creative people (filmmakers, photographers, artists, designers, digital media practitioners etc) and activists who want to make a difference and creative positive change in the world.”

Introduction to Film Studies – Video  – Aysha Iqbal Viswamohan, IIT Madras

”Introduction to Film Studies by Dr. Aysha Iqbal Viswamohan, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras.”

Philosophy in Film and Other Media – Video + Ladattavat materiaalit– Irving Singer, MIT

”This course examines works of film in relation to thematic issues of philosophical importance that also occur in other arts, particularly literature and opera. Emphasis is put on film’s ability to represent and express feeling as well as cognition. Both written and cinematic works by Sturges, Shaw, Cocteau, Hitchcock, Joyce, and Bergman, among others, are considered.

There are no tests or quizzes, however students write two major papers on media/philosophical research topics of their choosing.”

The Film Experience – Video + kurssimateriaalit – David Thorburn, MIT

”This course concentrates on close analysis and criticism of a wide range of films, from the early silent period, classic Hollywood genres including musicals, thrillers and westerns, and European and Japanese art cinema. It explores the work of Griffith, Chaplin, Keaton, Capra, Hawks, Hitchcock, Altman, Renoir, DeSica, and Kurosawa.

Through comparative reading of films from different eras and countries, students develop the skills to turn their in-depth analyses into interpretations and explore theoretical issues related to spectatorship.”


Pixar in a Box (mm. The art of storytelling ja Animation) –Video – Pixar/Khan Academy

”Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. You will be able to animate bouncing balls, build a swarm of robots, and make virtual fireworks explode. The subjects you learn in school — math, science, computer science, and humanities — are used every day to create amazing movies at Pixar.” Esittelyvideo

Video Production – Video – Nancy Jo Johnson, Iona College

”A course in the setting up and operation of portable video equipment, as well as writing and production of various video program forms.”

Broadcast Journalism – iTunes Audio – Lawrie Zion, La Trobe University

”In Broadcast Journalism you will explore the reporter’s role in factual production across broadcast and electronic media. Topics covered will include research for audio visual media, writing for radio, television and the internet, interviewing techniques, script editing, and the principles of presenting for radio and television, and a practice-based assessment option. To realise this, students will be expected to undertake story design and conception, research, script editing, review and analysis.

This subject aims to give students an appreciation of the multi-skilling required by convergence of television, radio, press and internet in the current media environment, and to develop skills in these areas.”

Creative Writing: A Master Class – iTunes Video – Alison Ersheid

”Delve into the world of creative writing and hone your skills and knowledge on the craft with Creative Writing: A Master Class eCourse. Featuring a multi-media eTextbook, Creative Writing: Learning from the Masters, and nearly 40 audio and video podcasts containing unique insights from more than 30 authors, this course pulls back the curtain on the writing process.

Learn from critically acclaimed and award winning authors who candidly and exclusively reveal their methods, challenges, and advice on the noble craft of creating fiction, and practice writing while analyzing the critical elements of fiction.”

Magazine Writing –  iTunes Video – Nicole Kraft, Ohio State

”When non-fiction narrative is crafted with the style of fiction, we create the most entertaining and informative of writing styles known as the magazine feature.

Magazine Writing will help teach you the art and craft of sculpting stories from anecdotes and facts, quotes and color in a way that brings real-life characters to life in stories that captivate us from lead to conclusion. Whether you want to be a professional writer or just submit an article or two on your favorite subject to a favorite magazine, we will teach you the business of feature writing from flushing out an article topic from a simple idea, finding the right magazine and audience, uncovering and interviewing the right sources, crafting the article and pitching it to an editor.

You don’t have to be a writer to begin this course, but you will be one by the time we are finished.

Start Writing Essays – iTunes iOS kurssi – Open University

”According to award-winning Australian journalist, John Pilger, there is a fine line between good writing and pretentious writing. That is true whether you’re a journalist, a lawyer or a student. If you are planning to return to education, you’ll probably need to write an essay or two. Featuring a mixture of text, audio and video, this learning pathway examines the skills and techniques required to master that skill.

For anyone considering study, this pathway will explain the importance of planning your essay, how to take advantage of the numerous sources out there, how to evaluate sources and use them to their best advantage in your essay. Laying out your argument clearly is important, and planning before you start writing will help you do that.

The pathway also explains the importance of structure, tone and content of an essay. There are tips on method and approach, how to introduce and conclude your work, how to write in your own words, and how to acknowledge the work of other writers that you have read. This pathway will give you all the tools you need to start writing essays.”

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